Why do I need a PAC Code from Giffgaff?

A PAC code allows you to keep your current mobile number and take it with you when you move from the Giffgaff network. Obtaining a PAC Code is completely free of charge and Giffgaff have made it very easy and straightforward. You can also move from Giffgaff and request for a PAC Code later should you wish to do so, but remember a PAC Code must be used within 30 days.

How do I get my Giffgaff PAC Code?

The process is simple! Just follow our simple steps below to transfer your mobile number from Giffgaff to a new provider.

To begin, please select the network provider that you wish to move to:

How long does it take to transfer my mobile phone number to my new provider?

Once you have supplied your new network provider with your PAC Code, your number will normally be transferred over on the next working day.